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Patiliköy is a never ending fairy tale, which started by feeding only 30-40 stray animals by Volkan Koç in İmrahor Valley. Since 2011 to today, it hosts hundreds of abandoned and stray animals in a huge forest land.

In this uphill task which based on voluntariness, we built this area which we called Patiliköy with all of our animal lover friends.

Today, in the forest land which we called Patiliköy and around, because of our conscientious responsibility as a human, we are feeding, sterilizing, vaccinating, treating and most importantly giving them our love and compassion for 365 days to make them live healthier and longer.

The only aim of building this area is to be a remedy for our stray animals’ desperation and be a future hope for them, which are homeless, abandoned, orphaned and struggle with trying to find food garbage.

There is a big effort and big struggle for years in Patiliköy. We officially established our association in August 2016 for the future of our stray animals.

To give them a quality and healthy life, we and our nearby 700 stray animals need you - our animal lover friends.

Whenever you want, you can bring us a pack or a can of food, a box of milk, few pounds of chicken or a blanket, a rug, a bowl for food or water and also anything that you have got an extra. We always need everything in Patiliköy.

If you have nothing to bring, then you can visit Ankara Patiliköy with the love and compassion in your heart.

Both we and hundreds of pawed friends will be so happy.

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Yusuf Özergin 15.01.2021
Öncelikle hayvan dostlarımıza yaptığınız karşılıksız destek için teşekkür ederim. Emeğinize ve yüreğinize sağlık... Size bir kaç önerim olacak. Öncel
faruk çağlayan 11.01.2021
labrador retriever köpek yavrusu sahiplenmek istiyorum.Yardımcı olabilirseniz sevinirim.

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